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Rev. Mary Lee Downey

Community Hope Center, Inc.

Rev. Mary Lee Downey is the CEO of the Community Hope Center (CHC), a non-profit founded by Downey in 2013. The CHC provides services to the homeless and disenfranchised in Central Florida focusing on client-centric care and empowering those they serve to determine their own success and sustainability. In the last six years the CHC has served over 30,000 individuals. The Center focuses on a “Housing First,” model of care and poverty alleviation. In 2016 The CHC was awarded the prestigious Bank of America Neighborhood Builder’s Award. Downey and her team are especially proud of the coordinated efforts to provide housing to those displaced from Hurricane Maria, and were recognized for their work by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Downey’s most recent project is “Hope Village” a multi-family intentional community designed to provide housing to those in need in partnership with private-public and faith-based organizations.