Steve Kelley

Steve Kelley

VP, Community Development

DR. STEVE KELLEY‘s interest in housing affordability and economic development centers on his role as VP of Community Development Lending and Investing at TIAA Bank. He has placed more than $150 million in debt and equity on developments across the southeast from Islamorada, Florida, to New Orleans, Louisiana. He also holds a doctorate in economics and finance from Jacksonville University and has presented research on housing affordability, NIMBYism, and the capital utilized in affordable and workforce housing. His perspectives recognize the need for non-traditional sources of funding to facilitate an adequate inventory of housing stock, but also focus on the income side of the equation where income disparity is shown to be a factor contributing to challenges in today’s economy. Steve also serves on several boards for organizations that provide affordable housing, community revitalization, and economic development in¬†Northeast Florida.

Dr. Steve Kelley | VP, Community Development| TIAA Bank
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