Ken Pruitt (Keynote)

Ken Pruitt (Keynote)


KEN PRUITT served as President of the Florida Senate from 2006 to 2008 and is a 20-plus year veteran of state and local politics. Pruitt provides professional governmental affairs representation at the local, regional and state level. Prior to serving as Senate President, Pruitt held a number of leadership positions within the Florida Legislature including being appointed as chairman of the Florida House of Representatives Appropriations Committee from 1998-2000 and the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee from 2002-2004. These leadership responsibilities, along with almost two decades of public service in the Florida House and Florida Senate, have provided him a comprehensive understanding of the state’s budget process and have given him a vast array of experience in public policy. Ken is married to Aileen Pruitt and they are the parents of five children. Kenneth, Jr. (deceased), Steven, Ashley, Michelle and Mark.

Mr. Ken Pruitt | Founder | The P5 Group
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