Helen Feinberg (Moderator)

Helen Feinberg (Moderator)

Managing Director

HELEN FEINBERG has been employed by RBC Capital Markets for approximately 30 years.
She presently serves as the co-head of the firm’s Housing Finance Group with management
responsibilities focused on the multifamily sector and State of Florida. Feinberg has approximately
25 years’ experience in the housing sector having served as underwriter or placement agent on
a wide range of single family and multifamily transactions. Her affordable housing client base
includes state and local housing finance agencies, public housing authorities, developer and
non-profits. Feinberg currently serves as an advisory council member for the Florida Housing Coalition and a board
member of the Coalition of Affordable Housing Providers. Feinberg was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush in 2003 to
serve as Chair of the Affordable Housing Study Commission for a four year term and previously served as a member
of Fannie Mae’s National Advisory Council for a two year term.

Ms. Helen Feinberg | Managing Director | RBC Capital Markets
St. Petersburg, Florida | (727) 895-8892 | Helen.Feinberg@RBCCM.com


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