Bill O’Dell (Moderator)

Bill O’Dell (Moderator)


BILL O’DELL is the Director of Florida’s Shimberg Center for Housing Studies at the University of
Florida. Prior to his appointment as Director, he managed the Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse
housed in the Shimberg Center. He has worked closely with the Florida Housing Coalition for
many years on a variety of issues. The Clearinghouse has, for example provided the information
needed to determine housing need for the Sadowski Act Coalition and the information the Florida
Housing Coalition uses in its work around mobile home park closure displacement. O’Dell’s work
includes the development of tools and applications that utilize the Center’s evolving housing
database. He is currently focusing on site suitability for affordable housing, revisions to the affordable housing needs
assessment, assisted multi-family housing preservation and expansion of the Center’s research and data capacity.
He received a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s in political science.

Mr. Bill O’Dell | Director | Shimberg Center for Housing Studies
Gainesville, Florida | (352) 273-1171 |


September 12, 2017
Housing Connections
3:45 PM  -  5 PM